Thursday, 26 April 2012

A-Z Blogging challenge

W is for the Worm

"... and their brood spread across the face of the world like so many flies swarming a rotting corpse. Hearken now, for we come to the heart of the matter. At the core of this mortal plane a great nameless worm gnaws its way through the earth, hollowing it out as its diminutive brethren would do an apple, leaving naught but filth in its wake. When it has completed its lair, it will gorge itself for nine times nine days and lay its eggs beyond count, and verily the days of all creatures in this realm will be numbered, as the insatiable wormspawn will make its way to the surface world and devour it whole. Those who desire to see will be warned of its coming. When the moons wax red and the sun reaches its zenith during the longest night, when the great lakes freeze over and a thaw melts the snow on mount Ombelikos in one and the same day, those armed with the words written here will witness my foreshadowings come to pass."

- extract from Galdo Ykrahand's Codex Wyrmin, last surviving copy rumoured to be locked away in Forge's Archivarium

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