Thursday, 5 April 2012

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E is for Entomancy

Entomancy can take on various different forms and meanings, depending on the rites the practitioner performs. Mainly it refers to a specific tradition of augury, in which the soothsayer reaches his divinations through the interpretation of the swarming patterns and behavior of insects and arachnids. As these tiniest of creatures are spread across all corners of the realm, even those areas nearly uninhabitable otherwise, and can bury and crawl there unhindered, entomancers believe that only through the communion with the collective hive mind of all insectkind one can reach true foretelling. Another branch of entomancy occupies itself with the study of magick which allows the summoning and commanding of huge swarms of insects or arachnids. This art in particular is popular with magickally-versed adventurers, both for defensive as offensive purposes, following the ancient adage of 'strength in numbers'.

A third meaning is attributed to a darker form of entomancy, practiced by some fringe cults and lone wizards. Through worship of the nameless gods which are said to nest deep in the bowels of the earth, or the dread deities in the Abyss beyond the stars, some entomancers gain the knowledge to summon huge insectoid monstrosities, many times their normal size and power. Some even possess the ability to take on the form of one of these creatures, or to turn their flesh into a swarming mass of bugs and crawlers for extended periods of time. Rumour has it that to be granted this divine favour, the caster has to prepare multiple blood sacrifices to his alien lords, which is why this form of entomancy is seldom tolerated by established magickal circles.

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