Saturday, 7 April 2012

A-Z Blogging challenge

G is for Greysar Gygantex

On the vast plains that surround the realm countless armies have clashed for centuries, hordes of nameless, faceless soldiers ordered into battle by bloodthirsty and vainglorious commanders. One of their number, a general by the name of Greysar Gygantex, grew weary of the senseless bloodshed, and with a few of his trusted allies sought out a place where they could begin something new, where life had meaning and each individual could aspire to becoming as great and mighty as the gods. They traversed the Western Shield and found a land untouched by war and corruption, and from the muddy plain where Gygantex first put down his banner, a vast empire would spring forth.

But times change, empires fall, men die and friends become foes. So it was that the first and only true emperor eventually died in exile, the once united realm reduced to bickering city-states, after the betrayal by his closest, most trusted councillors. And while some heirs have since stepped forward with their claims to sovereignty over the land, the idea of unity now seems an impossible dream, with only the old guard left to stay true to their emperor's ideals.

Nevertheless, Gygantex has left an indelible mark, and even now, aspiring apprentices hope to wield the same supreme power as the emperor once did; his unequalled ability to open doors to strange new worlds and dimensions, granting his followers glimpses of places, creatures and things beyond their wildest imagination, and the understanding that the power to conjure them will always be within them, if they know how to reach out for it.

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