Wednesday 12 February 2020

Necrotic Gnome Bundle of Holding

Hi fellow gamers,
You may have heard of Gavin Norman's Old-School Essentials and Dolmenwood - well good news for you, as you can nab a Bundle of Holding chockablock with old school goodness until the 2nd of March - and donate to charity to boot!

Monday 16 April 2018

The Fungus that re-visited Blackeswell

Hi Reader!

Do you remember a little module by the name of The Fungus that Came to Blackeswell, first ambulant around 2013? Yes? Then sadly the mind-bore has been unsuccessful, please report for immediate termination. But also: this selfsame growth has once again resurfaced, yet again plunging the town of Blackeswell into fungal madness in a horrific Groundhog Day-esque repeating scenario.

But there's more news! Yes, more new stuff that is: new locations, new monsters, new items, new NPCs, new spells, new art! Best of all, the Fungus has now been consumed by none other than the industrious undead elves behind Necrotic Gnome Productions. So if you like a helping of shroom with your Dolmenwood, be sure to check out the re-vamped, re-visited, re-grown The Fungus that Came to Blackeswell, coming soon to a darkened crevice near you.

Tuesday 1 August 2017

The Radiant Grove: Broken Earth module

Post apocalypse? Check

A wayward spaceman? Check

Damn dirty apes? Check

Mutant tree and seedling offshoots? Check

All this condensed into a 8 page adventure? Check out The Radiant Grove here!

Saturday 26 November 2016

Wormskin goes Fourth

Did we not hear the people clamoring for more serpentine husk? Why yes, I believe we did.

What will you find inside the pages of Wormskin issue 4? Only madness. Turn back now, traveler, do not glimpse at the unholy scrawling on this larval hide! You at the back, I see you glimpsing, avert your eyes! I would strongly advise you to buy it now, but only look at it by means of a silver mirror during the next lunar eclipse.

You were warned!

Monday 11 July 2016

Wormskin the Third out now in virtual bookstores everywhere!

Harken, united roleplayers of the world! The inimitable Gavin Norman and the incomparable Greg, He of the Gorgonmilk have released issue 3 in their ongoing B/X/retro zine Wormskin, detailing the realm of Dolmenwood, a weird, folklore-inspired fantasy setting. This issue comes with a contribution from yours truly. For a measly dollars three your mind will be blown, unblown and reblown into roughly its original shape. Can't beat that kind of value.

Go pick it up here!

Monday 9 December 2013

Good news everyone!

Prepare for more gonzo space adventures in...

The Harvester from Outer Space !!!

It's conveniently in time for Christmas gift giving through the expedient space-age sorcery of the internet! Buy one for yourself and one for a loved one. Or keep the one for the loved one for yourself and buy him/her another one (so three in total). Nothing say 'blessings of Christ upon thee and joy to all the world' like an old school p&p adventure filled with slimy aliens, weird thaumato-scientific equipment and of course, fun on the holodeck.

Not yet convinced? Here's what some people have to say about The Harvester from Outer Space:

I can guarantee it's the best module penned by me that you'll read all year! (disclaimer: that might have been said about a previous module already, but that was a lie.) - me

* The Harvester from Outer Space is a delicate study into relevant social issues as isolation, Existenzangst, Weltschmerz and provides the reader with a sobering narrative of the human condition as viewed through an old-school compatible pen & paper module - me

* Stop writing about disgusting slime monsters and take out the trash. - unnamed girlfriend

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Outer space adventures

Level 1 (though it's called beta, oh delicious irony) of the map is complete. The adventure will take place on a spaceship, beginning with the abduction of the hapless players.