Monday, 9 December 2013

Good news everyone!

Prepare for more gonzo space adventures in...

The Harvester from Outer Space !!!

It's conveniently in time for Christmas gift giving through the expedient space-age sorcery of the internet! Buy one for yourself and one for a loved one. Or keep the one for the loved one for yourself and buy him/her another one (so three in total). Nothing say 'blessings of Christ upon thee and joy to all the world' like an old school p&p adventure filled with slimy aliens, weird thaumato-scientific equipment and of course, fun on the holodeck.

Not yet convinced? Here's what some people have to say about The Harvester from Outer Space:

I can guarantee it's the best module penned by me that you'll read all year! (disclaimer: that might have been said about a previous module already, but that was a lie.) - me

* The Harvester from Outer Space is a delicate study into relevant social issues as isolation, Existenzangst, Weltschmerz and provides the reader with a sobering narrative of the human condition as viewed through an old-school compatible pen & paper module - me

* Stop writing about disgusting slime monsters and take out the trash. - unnamed girlfriend

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Outer space adventures

Level 1 (though it's called beta, oh delicious irony) of the map is complete. The adventure will take place on a spaceship, beginning with the abduction of the hapless players.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Map progress

The map for level 1 of the new as-of-yet unnamed scifi dungeon is coming along piece by piece!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Super secret sneak peek

What I'm working on right now:

A circle and squares within even larger squares! I can smell your intriguedness... intriguity... from here.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Dwarves' battle song

You know you're officially spending too much time on all things fantasy when... a socialist drinking song makes you think of Tolkienesque Dwarves on their way to epic battle. :D Hence: a very loose translation of "Wat zullen we drinken", to the tones of Son ar chistr.
I think I also officially have too much time on my hands.

What shall we be drinking, seven days and nights,
what shall we be drinking, such a thirst!
There is enough for every man, so let us drink as one,
Tap the keg my friend! Yea we will drink as one, not alone!

Then we will be working, seven days and nights,
then we will be working, all for all!
There will be work for every man, so let us work as one,
seven days and nights! Yea we will work as one, not alone!

But first we must battle, no one knows how long,
but first we must battle, for our doom!
For the freedom of every man, so let us fight as one,
together we are strong! Yea let us fight as one, not alone!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Flintlock Firearms Fumble table

While writing a steampunk/fantasy one shot I suddenly got the urge to make a table of possible mishaps involving flintlock weapons... because what more diabolic pleasure does the GM have than tables upon tables for anything that can go wrong for his/her hapless players. :D I love them, really.

Flintlock Firearms Fumble table

The character first makes a to-hit roll. If the shot misses, the GM rolls 1D2 to see if the shot simply goes wide, or if a fumble occurs. In case of the latter, a roll against the character’s Firearms skill is made (D%). A to-hit roll of 1 always either results in a fumble or the shot hits an adjacent ally, whichever is more appropriate to the situation.


* The Firearms skill check succeeds: This results in a misfire. The shot missed, and reloading will take one extra round. Possible causes:


            - an excess of powder leaves burning embers in the barrel, which first must be extinguished

            - the barrel has become fouled, making it more time consuming to seat the round

            - during reloading the firearm goes off at half-cock, necessitating loading to start anew


* The Firearms skill check fails by less than 25%: This results in a simple failure to fire: the character has to spend three rounds examining the firearm to rectify the cause of the failure, before an attempt at rearming can be made. Possible causes:


- a dulled or improperly cut flint fails to strike a spark in the pan

- the hammer fails to strike the frizzen, becomes stuck in half-cock

- the primer in the flash pan fails to ignite, due to a damp, insufficient or inferior charge

- neglect or poor craftsmanship has caused the frizzen to become jammed


* The Firearms skill check fails by more than 25% but less than 50%: This results in a mechanical failure: the character has to spend an hour clearing or repairing the firearm and make a successful Firearms check. Possible causes:


            - the sulfur in the black powder has eroded the lock mechanism

            - the lead shot and wadding have become caught in the barrel

            - the half-cock notch breaks, removing the safety mechanism

- fouled by accumulated black powder discharge, the touchhole clogs


* The Firearms skill check fails by more than 50%: This results in a structural failure: the character has to spend 4 hours repairing the firearm and make a successful Firearms check. Possible causes:


            - sulfuric acid or weak integrity has corroded the inside of the barrel

            - the trigger mechanism jams

            - a faulty powder charge ignition destroys the combustion chamber

            - the breech of the firearm becomes obstructed


* The Firearms skill check fails with a roll of 100: This results in a critical failure:


- improper loading has left air between the powder and lead shot, causing the firearm to start short and the barrel to explode. The firearm is destroyed and the character takes 1D8 damage

- during reloading the powder charge ignites as the powder is being poured down the muzzle. The character is caught in the blast, takes 1D6 damage and is stunned for 1D4 rounds

- during reloading the frizzen is struck by accident before the pan is primed. The main charge ignites and the firearm discharges. The firearm is dropped and damaged: 8 hours of repair need to be spent. The character is caught unaware by the blast and stunned for 2D4 rounds