Thursday, 2 February 2012

A tragedy has befallen Old Aalia!

Over at Gavin's LL campaign, my PC, the last remaining survivor of the original team that set out over a year ago to explore the magical forest of Harln, founder of the Subterranean Salvage Company and all-round good guy, ratman-halfling extraordinaire Henry "Slippy" Slippums, has bitten the dust!
Viciously savaged by a hellhound during their search for the fabled egg of Mantumbi, his companions managed to drag him out of the dungeon and keep the party's necromancer from zombifying him (for the time being).
Luckily all hope's not lost, as the priests of the temple of Orcus in S'raka professed their ability to raise Slippy from the dead. Will his companions agree to do a quest for Orcus to help their fallen friend and leader? Will they instead sacrifice 17 souls for that same purpose? Or will they pawn Slippy's magical sword to help raise 5.000 golden Imperials to have raise dead cast? Tune in next week to discover if the answers to these questions are indeed: yes, yes and I hope not!

Slippy in better days. Not pictured: bowler hat, Comeliness score of 12.

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