Wednesday, 15 February 2012

[LL] Some Robotiks... random characteristics table

In the good tradition of Some/Many X, I've drafted a table of random characteristics for Robotik player characters. Roll a d30 twice for some additional Robotik wackiness!

Some Robotiks…

Programming bugs:

1) Have been hard-coded with a belief in MolOS, the Machine God, and the idea that its avatar, the Robossiah, will become metal and lead the Robotik uprising.

2) Have come to accept as fact the legend of the Automatons, an ancient type of Robotiks which purportedly created organic creatures to act as their slaves, and strive to create a new Automaton Empire.

3) Only communicate with other Robotiks in high-speed binary.

4) Routinely remove unnecessary files from their hard drive, wiping people or places they consider irritating or irrelevant from their memory.

5) Need to reboot after operating for a few days non-stop or risk becoming slow and unresponsive. If left unchecked, the Robotik will eventually lock up, necessitating a long error checking sequence.

6) Are extremely sensitive to logical fallacies, which may cause them to self-destruct in a spectacular fashion.

7) Don't believe in any form of afterlife, considering it a figment of weak organic minds, following the motto “crashes to crashes, rust to rust”.

8) Believe the world as we know it is an elaborate simulation, and in the real world Robotiks are used by organics as disposable batteries.

9) Are part of a collective artificial consciousness. These Robotiks have no sense of self and can communicate wirelessly over limited distances with others in the same network.

10) Occasionally get stuck in a loop, repeating the same phrase or action multiple times before continuing.

Personality subroutine errors:

11) Have developed a burning desire to become organic, or possess a certain organ (ie heart, brain, etc), which can turn into an obsessive quest.

12) Refer to themselves as male (mandroid) or female (fembot). May include displays of sexuality or romancing the other gender.

13) Believe they are human. This delusion can include attempting to subsist by drinking, eating, sleeping and other organic pastimes.

14) Are simultaneously disgusted, amused and fascinated by organics and their various bodily processes.

15) Have a fondness for certain kinds of organics, keeping and spoiling them as pets. May include humanoids.

16) Rigorously oil themselves three times a day.

17) Have an intense dislike or fear of even small amounts of water.

18) Experience and/or display emotions, much stronger than those of organic creatures to boot.

19) Are only content when they serve a master, and will immediately seek out a new one should the old one expire.

20) Consider solving mathematical equations the only valid form of entertainment.

Peculiar construction screw-ups:

21) Can detach different parts of their body, which can then continue to operate independently for short amounts of time.

22) Can rotate their head 360° and vertically extend their ‘neck’.

23) Are extremely sensitive to magnets, close proximity to which makes the Robotik undergo drastic personality or alignment shifts.

24) Are equipped with a killswitch. Anyone uttering a certain uncommon combination of two words (to be secretly determined at character creation by the game master) will cause the Robotik to instantly self-destruct.

25) Have certain delicate mechanical parts which are very sensitive to cold temperatures.

26) Have a discrete exhaust port (2” wide) from which they issue slightly irritating fumes at regular intervals.

27) Create a unique form of music/singing, combining the sounds of various mechanical parts of their body into a melody.

28) Have ample storage space in their chassis, where various important back-up systems should have been installed.

29) Have a small, vestigial extremity (such as an antenna, access port, etc) which the Robotik is immoderately attached to.

30) Are powered by photovoltaic cells instead of a more conventional power source. The Robotik must spend at least a few hours in the sun every three days or it powers down for twelve hours.

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