Sunday, 5 February 2012

[LL] Hollowgrams


No. Enc.: 1d3 (1d6)
Alignment: Any
Movement: 90' (30')
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d2, weapon or special
Save: F2
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: None
XP: 75

Some of the more mysterious beings to have been spotted since the Aether Storms started to plague the land after the death of the emperor, these immaterial pseudo-humans can prove a considerable challenge for the unprepared adventurer.

The danger of the Hollowgram lies in the fact that it deceivingly looks (almost*) completely like a regular human, albeit usually dressed in very strange clothing. It is not until the Hollowgram is engaged in combat that its true nature is revealed: any and all attacks made by ordinary weapons pass right through them. Scholars have postulated that these beings are made purely out of Aetherium, which seems to corroborate what adventurers have thus far learned about them. Namely, Aetherium-imbued weapons (commonly known as magickal weapons), much sought-after blaster guns and other manipulations of the Aether, such as magickal spells, do indeed harm Hollowgrams.

The Hollowgrams themselves, on the other hand, do manage to inflict bodily harm on their enemies, using any weapons at their disposal (usually blaster guns or exotic bladed weapons) or resorting to fisticuffs. An unarmed Hollowgram may sometimes attempt a special attack: the Hollowgram shoves its immaterial hands upto its forearms into the body of its victim, there (it is speculated) materializes them and wreaks havoc on its enemy's vital organs, causing 1D8 points of damage. Such an attack is made a +4 to hit, due to the Hollowgram negating its target's defences for the greater part.
Hollowgrams are capable of walking through any known ordinary substance, though warding spells such as hold portal or anti-magic shell and force fields can be used to bar their way.

Upon death, the Hollowgram simply flashes out of existence, leaving none of its possessions behind, unless it was using a weapon native to this plane. Of course the risk of engaging them versus the prospect of no material gain is highly undesirable; wise adventurers thus learn to tell the difference between a Hollowgram and a real being, in order to avoid armed conflict with them.

*Some Hollowgrams have been observed to have pointed ears like Elves. Others have been noted to have the letter H emblazoned on their foreheads, while some others still seem to shimmer with a faint blue aura.

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