Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Deathwatch session 2 summary: Rage Against The Clock

/Entry 5/ We dispatched the swarm and the two Warrior Tyranids who seemed to be leading it. A most peculiar development occurred: brothers Armenius and Macbeth vanished without a trace. In their stead a Dark Angel librarian by the name of Elias descended the sloping hillside where we had left our two brothers when we entered the prison camp. Brother Elias used his connection to the Warp to teleport down to Tantalus, and it seems likely that Macbeth and Armenius’ disappearance is somehow linked to this. Unfortunately we have no time to investigate; we are pressed for time and the mission is of the utmost importance, even at the expense of my brothers. The Imperial Guard commissar and most of his troops survived the onslaught and are in fighting shape, though splattered with Tyranid guts all over. Further questioning revealed they only just arrived here as well, coming from the east. They are keen on joining us on our mission - and a safe way off this Tyranid-infested hellhole - though. Brother McGregor searched the premises of the prison camp, but the Magos is not here.  We strike north with all due haste, towards the Magrail station.

/Entry 6/ Disappointing. Brother McGregor picked up a life sign reading from the tunnels beneath the defunct station. We entered the bowels of the complex in the hopes of finding the Magos there, but only found a half-crazed console operator. I decided to take him along, he might prove useful if we are to try and enter the central complex and have to bypass security lockdown measures. Brother McGregor tapped into the surveillance network, but no luck. We head out west, along the Magrail track, out of sight of any approaching Tyranids.

/Entry 7/ We were almost ambushed by four Shrikes, but thanks to brother Bill’s vigilance and jump pack, we were prepared. Hails of glowing hot lead from our bolters ripped the foul creatures apart, and even the Imperial Guardsmen did a good job distracting one of them without getting too seriously injured. The only casualty the console operator we just rescued from his dank hiding hole. I guess that’s the irony of life. We must continue.

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