Friday, 30 March 2012

April A-Z blogging challenge

Like last year I've decided to try my hand at the A-Z blogging challenge again! Last year I used it to provide the players in my Fallout campaign with background information on important locations/people/events, since none of them were familiar with the setting. This year I'm running a Star Trek game, and rather than make the A-Z about it [since a) the players are more than familiar with it and b) I doubt I can do the subject any more justice than the collective intelligence over at Memory Alpha already has], I decided to use it as a sounding board for whatever crazy idea I manage to come up with on the day in question. As I'm blessed with lots of roleplaying opportunities at the moment (playing in three campaigns and running one myself), that sort of limits the time I can spend on the challenge realistically, so the goal I'm setting for myself:

spend about 15 minutes for each day/letter on the day itself to come up with an idea, then write it down in about 30 minutes or less. Then, if I like the idea (or if readers respond to it favourably), I'll come back to it after the A-Z challenge has ended and expand on it. So expect an odd collections of places, people and locations to pass by in the coming month.


  1. Glad you're participating in the A to Z Challenge again! I look forward to your posts next month. I've been a role-playing geek for many, many years.
    Don't forget to turn off word verification.

  2. Sounds cool! Looking forward to it! Good idea about the daily time limit by the way.