Monday, 9 December 2013

Good news everyone!

Prepare for more gonzo space adventures in...

The Harvester from Outer Space !!!

It's conveniently in time for Christmas gift giving through the expedient space-age sorcery of the internet! Buy one for yourself and one for a loved one. Or keep the one for the loved one for yourself and buy him/her another one (so three in total). Nothing say 'blessings of Christ upon thee and joy to all the world' like an old school p&p adventure filled with slimy aliens, weird thaumato-scientific equipment and of course, fun on the holodeck.

Not yet convinced? Here's what some people have to say about The Harvester from Outer Space:

I can guarantee it's the best module penned by me that you'll read all year! (disclaimer: that might have been said about a previous module already, but that was a lie.) - me

* The Harvester from Outer Space is a delicate study into relevant social issues as isolation, Existenzangst, Weltschmerz and provides the reader with a sobering narrative of the human condition as viewed through an old-school compatible pen & paper module - me

* Stop writing about disgusting slime monsters and take out the trash. - unnamed girlfriend

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