Friday, 8 March 2013

Simple stats rolling for Savage Worlds

Something floating around the brainpan...Savage Worlds has a point-buy system but for those wanting a bit more randomness I present a very simple (and probably not very balanced, haven't done the math on the skills part) system for rolling up character stats instead.

Attributes: Roll 2D6 for each Attribute in order and round down to the nearest die type. Ie a result of 7 nets you a D6, a 10 a D10 etc. 2 or 3 would give the character a D4, unless you want to be brutal and dish out attribute scores of D4-1 and D4-2.

Skills: Instead of 15 points, you get 15 rolls of a D12. Decide the skill you want to improve and roll the D12; if the result is equal to or lower than the value of the linked Attribute, the skill improves by one step. As statistically this will get the character less improvements than the point-buy system, you can allow a "raise" on the roll of 4 below the target number to improve the skill by another step.

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