Sunday, 2 September 2012

When peasants attack!

An angry mob is standing outside the abandoned mill, which you repurposed for your ungodly experiments! They're waving torches around and some of them are brandishing a...(1d20):

 Two handed, 1d3 damage
1) Stick, pointy, wooden
2) Hoe
3) Rake, wooden
One handed, 1d3 damage
4) Knife
5) Sickle
6) Badging Hook
7) Billhook
8) Threshing Flail
9) Baling Hook
Two handed, 1d4 damage
10) Spade
11) Shovel
12) Pitchfork, wooden
13) Spading Fork, wooden
14) Hay Fork, wooden
One handed, 1d4 damage
15) Mallet, wooden
Two handed, 1d6 damage
16) Scythe
17) Mattock
One handed, 1d6 damage
18) Hatchet
Two handed, 1d8 damage
19) Splitting Maul
20) Broadaxe

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